Jane iredale Dream Tint by Editor in Chief

I cant remember the last time when I actually used a Tinted Moisturizer.  So when Jane Iredale offered to send me their Dream Tint  to try out. I was excited to try out. 

Jane Iredale sent me Their Dream Tint,  hydration pray and pure  gloss.

The Dream tint  comes in 5 shades and 3 brighteners. I received shade"Medium" The  product retails for $39.00 and designed to give you light coverage, even you out & its oil free. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

The Hydration spray has become one of my fave products to use in the morning when I finish my makeup.  It doesn't interfere with my finished face and it gives you finished powered look life back.  They currently have 3 sprays and they retail for $27.00 each.  I love the fragrance.

The last product was the Pure gloss Lip gloss, which retails for $24.00 and have 19 shades. I received the shade "Bellini" Which is a nice peachy clear shade that can go with any lipstick or by itself. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Feel free to check them out at JaneIredale.com !

Neutrogena Belleza with Visibiy Even Neutrogena! by Editor in Chief

FTC: This post is a sponsored post by Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers connect. The products were sent to me for free and or payment in exchange for a posting

Its time to show off your naturally even skin ladies! I was happy to team up with Neutrogena  for their NeutrogenaBelleza  campaign. 

I love using this line to give my skin teh healthy glow I know it has and to use less makeup to cover up dark spots is a plus! 

To acheive my natural look I use the Neutrogena  Visibly Even BB cream , with a light powder to set,mascara ,  a natural color blush and top it with a great nude lipstick


The Neutrogena Visibly Even helps you to even out all those dark spots and un-evenness that you have . So you can show more of you natural skin.


Blotchiness, dark spots and overall dull-looking skin are among women’s most common skincare complaints. Now, the 
quest for even-toned, radiant-looking skin just got easier thanks to the innovative NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY EVEN® Line
formulated with ESSENTIAL SOY®. This collection of cleansers and moisturizers now contains a new multi-tasking BB 
Cream with SPF 30 that protects, moisturizes, conceals, and treats uneven skin tone in just four weeks. 
The VISIBLY EVEN® BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 provides light-weight coverage as it hydrates skin, leaving a 
dewy finish. Packed with ESSENTIAL SOY®, an anti-oxidant filled skin brightening agent, it not only immediately covers skin
imperfections but also works over time to brighten skin’s tone. 
Clinically proven to effectively and gently deliver visible results, the NEUTROGENA° VISIBLY EVEN° line helps reduce the 
look of blotchiness and improves skin’s texture while minimizing the look of dark spots caused by acne and sun damage.


I love using the Visibly even cleanser with its exfoliating beads that deal with the dead skin and the cleanser that cleans your face with a rich foam lather. It rinses clean and it leaves no trace of what was there before. 

Follow up with the daily moisturizer with spf 30! Not only does it moisturize your skin but makes sure that your protected too.  Who doesn't love that?

Finish up with the Visibly even BB cream, which provides a moisturizing light coverage to allow your new beautiful skin to shine through. Use this in place of your regular foundation & rock that natural eyeshadow and that lipgloss or lipstick to really complete your look.




Now you ready to take on your day!


Tell me how you let your Neutrogena Belleza shine through?


Im not just a blog, I have other dreams.. by Editor in Chief

You know I don't write many personal posts on here, its mostly makeup related and all about reviews and what my current beauty fave.  Yet this time I decided to do some personal writing. 

I love blogging and I am so thankful for it because its allowed me to finally write about something I enjoy and get my voice heard.  I love having the control over my writing and it has opened ups so many great opportunities for me to work with companies and be featured in different places. 

As many of you know I have my own shop as well.  I love my little shop and we have been growing over the past 2 years. Yet its time for my little shop to grow. 


I want to expand into makeup, ever since I was younger around the age of 14 I had a makeup company in my head, haha. yes I did. I have always felt that i was meant to have a business some way. Even in elementary school  I had little businesses, I wanted to own something of my own.  

So when the time for  re-brand came around i finally said " why not finally do a makeup line" Why not? 

So that is what Im doing, I have been doing research and on the phone with companies who I may potentially work with.  What do I want to include in my line?






I think about including things that I personally use and also makeup staples.  I also strict guidelines  when it comes to my line. I would love to include a Vegan, Natural Mineral option and also a Studio line ( Non Mineral) .  Why? Because I use both, and know many beauty lovers also do as well.  I want to reach both sides of beauty buyers.

I will still have my lip balms & lip scrubs & body butters, Those are my best sellers.

As far as a name, I have one and this one has been sticking , I am still feeling out other names because once I do this name change this will be it so I have to be sure. 

I am on the grind for my dream and I am excited.... 

IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette by Editor in Chief

IT Cosmetics is quickly one of my fave brands to use, for the fact the makeup does what it says and is just always so amazing.  So when IT Cosmetics reached out to me again and asked if I wanted to try out this palette I jumped at the chance. 

via TheBEautyDaily

via TheBEautyDaily

The It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette  comes with a all over setting powder  which is also a brightener a blush and a bronzer.  All three powders are anti aging and are suitable for many skin tones.  This product can easily be used for every day and what I love about this set is that it seriously gives your skin a beautiful natural glow. It doesn't look or feel cakey or powdering, it simply adds great color and natural glow to your face. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

I seriously have been using the It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance palette everyday which I love. There are few palette out there that you can use everyday.  Unless you want to switch up your blush use this baby every day for beautiful color! 

Product: It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette

Price: $38.00

Where to Buy: Ulta.com or Itcosmetics.com 

What do yall think? Leave thoughts down below. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Gerard Cosmetics Lighted Lip Gloss in "Wild Orchid" by Editor in Chief

 You all have heard about the Whitening Lighting Lipgloss,  which has now been turned into Gerard Cosmetics.  So this should be nothing new. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

 I was excited to try them though and I was even excited about the shade I was sent. Its a beautiful bright purple called "Wild Orchid"  Its very pigmented and its also stains your lips even after the shine is gone which is great. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Gerard Cosmetics have some very beautiful colors and many i personally want in the near future.  They retail for $24.00 and be bought at GerardCosmetics.com  Make sure you check them out & scoop some up!

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Product: Gerard Cosmetics Lighted Lipgloss

Shade: Wild Orchid

Price: $24.00

Where to Buy: GerardCosmetics.com 

So let me know if you have tried these & what you think of them!