Marie Ernst Kickstarter cam

I love a good soap bar, and I even sometimes  feel that a good soap bar will last you longer than a bottle of body wash. I also love  a good natural soap bar, one that really does its job is what makes this girl happy. 

When Marie Ernst reached out to me and told the story of the new brand and the quality and care that goes into each bar, not only did I really want to help them out by spreading the word but I had to try them for myself.

I think its pretty neat how the bars come separate yet  easily click together to create on bar of soap. One side is a pumice soap side and the other half is the conditioning soapy side.  These are also interchangeable, how coll is that!! They smell amazing and I LOVE the rich lather that it produces , my skin is left with a nice clean scent and never feels dry.

Now until OCT 10th they are having a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to launch this great new product. Feel free to donate to preorder your set of Marie Ernst beauty bars, its about $25 for 2 bars.  

Feel free to reach out and support small business and this great beauty soap bar! 

What do you think Beauties?

Dollar steals & Fall decor ideas at Target

This post is all about getting some great fall decor for some great prices! Whoo! 


I love a good deal, I love Target, I mean what girl doesn't?  I actually prefer Target over Walmart ANYDAY, seriously, . 

I stopped at Target today to get a few things for the house, once I walked in I seen the dollar section, everything in that section was $1-$3, and a few things caught my eye, I seen these mini burlap pumpkins for $3, I was like " nice!, oh I know just where I want to put these." I then started looking some more and found the goodies shown above. 


° Burlap pumpkins $3 each

° Mini mason jars with chalkboard tops $1 each

° Mini dry erase board $3 each

The burlap pumpkins are obviously for decor reasons, I also REFUSE to put any Halloween decor in my house, but pumpkins are FALL so they are okay. I love that you can find little things to make your house a home, in a dollar area no less!  The mini mason jars I'm using for my spices, I tend to make rubs for meats, etc when cooking and for rubs that hubs and I like i tend to keep extra on hand. I have been storing them in plastic storage containers but these are super nice, cuter and take up way less space, not mention they have a chalkboard top which is sweet for labeling as you write what the spice is and its interchangeable. 

The dry erase board was something I wanted for our new place. I always liked the idea of having a menu board to show hubs what meals are planned for the week, day, etc. This is perfect! They had different styles and font, it comes with a little marker and has magnets so it sticks on our fridge.  

I LOVED these finds, yet I may love the finds below more.. 


I'm just going asile by asile as I do everytime I go to target, then I see these vase fillers, I loved the color of the one above and I loved even more that it was scented with pumpkin spice!  ( side note I'm NOT a pumpkin spice fan, I almost loathe it but the scent here wasn't bad and totally fall)  I then had a pretty brilliant idea, buy a vase, like above, put a white candle in the middle and use the vase filler around for a fall table decor centerpiece! My genius astounds me.

I had the candle at home, and the vase was very affordable. 

°Vase filler scented $9.99

°Glass round vase $4.99



As you can see the finished product above! One box was more then enough, I still have about half a box left, I ended up also adding cinnamon sticks to the project as I felt it added more "fall" and totally tied it in with the rich red and orange colors. Yes the mini orange pumpkins came in the vase filler as well ( I know, I know, pinterest cuteness overload) I also poured some into a couple wine glasses with two cinnamon sticks which I then put those in our kitchen.


So for about $27 bucks I got some beautiful fall home decor and I love it so much!  See what happens when you just look around? Not everything has to cost so much money when it comes to decorating your home.

Let me know ur thoughts beauties! What are some of your Fall decor ideas & where do you love to shop for deals? 

Skincare Essentials with Purity of Elements

Having good skincare is very important, I was always told the earlier you start with your skincare the better.

Purity of Elements products work to give you the skincare essentials you crave and give you a product that works,with good  stuff like rose hips,  honey and sweet almond extract along with a copper 5 complex - thats right I said COPPER

Used since ancient times as a healing agent, recent studies have shown copper to be highly effective in helping skin structure proteins maintain their effectiveness, which allows them to confer strength and suppleness to the skin. When skin is conditioned, it is less prone to aging, radiance is improved and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.
— PurityOf Elements,com

I love the packaging of these products, 

The Raidiance of Face serum retails for $60.00 and can be bought here.

The Renewing Eye cream retails for $45.00 and can be bought here 

Both are made with natural ingredients ad work together to make your skin looking youthful, soft and beautiful. 

What do you beauties think?

Leave your thoughts down below!

Fall 2015 Collection - Jane Iredale

I was blessed to be sent a couple new items from Jane Iredale's new Fall 2015 collection.  I was given the new Smooth Affair  Oily Skin Facial Primer and the Purelash Lengthening Mascara .

Product: The Smooth Affair Facial Primer :

Price: $48.00

Where to Buy:

What Does It Do:

Bring out your natural radiance with our revolutionary primer, designed to even out skin tone, minimize pores, and visibly reduce fine lines for a smooth, matte finish. Smooth Affair for Oily Skin also fights blemishes and reduces shine.

My Thoughts:

I really like this primer as its targeted towards those with oily skin,combo skin , people like me. I notice more staying power with my makeup and it helps to keep my finished makeup look matte. I also notice a cut down on oiliness through out the day.

Product: Pure Lash Lengthening Mascara 

Price:  $24.00

Where to Buy:

What Does It Do: 

Get natural-looking, extra-long lashes that are thick and feathery. Our proprietary formula conditions and strengthens while the dual-edged brush makes it easy to maximize lashes top and bottom.

My Thoughts:

I really like this mascara for natural and long lashes. I love how big the wand is and I feel like it really gets all your lashes.  


What are your thoughts beauties? Will you pick up any of these products?

EO - The All Natural Anti- Aging Night Serum

Looking for a all natural, gluten free truly powerful and moisturizing night serum?

Then EO® Ageless Skin Care Transformative Night Serum may be for you.  It retails for $40.00 and is made of a bunch of natural and essential oils that are great for your skin.  A little of this truly goes a long way, which I think helps when it comes to the cost factor.  Pay the $40 one time and this little  1 oz glass bottle will last you for months.  Seriously! 

Did I mention that its Curelty and Gluten free? SCORE!!

EO Ageless Skin Care Transformative Night Serum is applied nightly to restore smoothness, erase visible lines and feed your skin while you sleep. A combination of earth’s most active ingredients including Tsubaki Oil, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil work to heal dry skin by repairing and protecting the skin’s essential moisture barrier, leaving skin renewed and revitalized for the day ahead.
— EO Products

I use this as night of course, after washing my face, I really enjoy the smell, reminds me of ceder and kind of herbal, yet in a good way. In the mornings I feel my face is never dry, but really soft and supple.  I also make sure to dab some ( a tiny bit) under my eyes. The directions do say to focus on areas you feel are a problem.  I just enjoy how it has been making my face smoother. 

It can be purchased HERE , let me know beauties , what do you think? Do you prefer a oil or cream night serum?