Pur Minerals Air Perfection Foundation by Editor in Chief

I enjoy trying out new foundations so when Pur Minerals reached out to me asking if I wanted to try out their new Air Perfection foundation  I so was curious. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Its a compact liquid foundation, yes you read that right and its has a sponge on the inside that is filled with the foundation when you press down on it. Dont think  you can just leaven it upside down and it will be fine, haha.

Product: Pur Minerals Air Perfection Foundation

Price: $30.00

Shade: Medium

Size: .34 fl oz

Coverage: Light to Medium/Full

Where to Buy: Pur Minerals.com


This foundation can give you light to more medium/full coverage. It blends really well and the shade Medium can be for many skin tones.  The coverage can last up to 8 hours. I love the compact size for the fact you can easily bring it with travel and its in a plastic case so you can rest easily that it wont shatter. To use, just simply take your brush and press it into the sponge. 


I find for my oily combinations skin by the 8 hour mark, my face just feel oily and I can easily wipe off the foundation. Also when I first apply it , the foundation does take a long while for it to dry and to set completely even after powder. A good hour after application I can still the product kind of tacky, wet felling.   It also come sin just 3 shades

I think this product is better suited for more normal skin people as Oily skin will have a problem with this The foundation can feel a little heavy if you have oily to combo skin.

What do you all think? Have you tried it?

Mary Kay TimeWise Liqud Matte Foundation by Editor in Chief

I love finding a good matte foundation.  I have a oily T- Zone so when I shop for foundations its all about me finding one that will work well my shine.  My nose most of all, is the thing that seems no matter what to shine bright like the sun. 

I was happy to be able to test out MaryKays Timewise Liquid Matte Foundation

 I have to say I was very impressed with this foundation and I would for sure buy it again once I run out. 

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Product:  MaryKay Timewise Liquid Matte Foundation

Price: $22.00

Size: 1 fl oz

Coverage: Medium to Full

Shade: Beige 3

Where to Buy:  MaryKay.com    


I LOVE the coverage, you will see in my pics below that the coverage is pretty good.  Its for sure matte, it leaves a nice matte finish. It blends well and you don't need a whole lot to do your whole face. It feels light and doesn't feel heavy, I can wear it for a good 8 hours and It don't do any touch ups if any which I like. 

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via TheBeautyDaily


It doesn't come with a pump, Its a tube and it can get very messy which I really don't like.  I usually clean out the top every time I use it because there is a build up of product. 

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Does Lavanila Healthy Deodorant really work? by Editor in Chief

I remember when I first heard of Lavanila Healthy Deodorant, I was watching a  a YouTube volgger and she mentioned how she only used a certain deodorant. I was intrigued and looked up the brand. It was Lavanila Healthy Deodorant and I was like " oh cool" fast forward to months later and I was approached by  the people who work with Lavanila  and was asked if I wanted to try it out. Of course I jumped on it. 

I was very curious to see if this "All Natural" deodorant  really did work.


I LOVE the scent, I was sent Vanilla Grapefruit and let me tell you. The scent is so amazing, plus they many other yummy scents. The deodorant glides on smooth, its a solid but when you apply it, it just glides and yes its kind of "wet" which dries, I wouldn't recommend putting on a black dress right away. Its absorbs well and the scent does stay. Its also All Natural with NO Aluminum, or Parabens.


Every body is different.  I felt with mine after about 5-6 hours the deodorant "broke through"  meaning, I could  feel teh sweat coming through and the scent dissipated. I feel lke this would not last a full 8 hour shift and I would for sure  have to have a mini one in my bag. 

Grab a stick of your own at Lavanilla Healthy Deodorant at Lavanilla.com  it retails for $14.00 for a standard 2.0 oz stick 

Get your best fall beauty look interview with Jamie Greenburg ! by Editor in Chief

Fall is well upon us and now is the time for us to  redo our makeup and brign in all those dark colors that just make our beautoful faces POP. 

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I love connecting with with other beauty lovers and I was so happy to get the chance to interview  Jamie Greenburg Zyrtec's Celebrity makeup artist & YouTube Vlogger.  I got to ask her what she is looking forwrd to when it comes to Fall and also some tips for beauties of all skin colors . 

Check out our interview out down below!

via Jaime Greenburg

via Jaime Greenburg







1. What fall makeup look are you most excited for & looking forward to doing?

Jamie: Wine lips are my favorite. I can't wait to do some nude eyes and wine lips this fall. I actually created a look for allergy sufferers using these trends as part of my work with Zyrtec. I call it the Mysterious Muse and it's all about embracing earthy tones and moving emphasis away from watery eyes and puffiness during allergy season and instead, pulling attention to the lips.

2. What fall inspired colors or looks do you think will look great on women of all skin tones? From really fair to dark , deep rich skin tones?

A plummy lip looks good on all skin tones. You might have to change up the plumminess but I LOVE IT!

3. What are some fall look No No's when it comes to makeup?

Put the neons away for fall!  

4. What fall look can be transitioned easily to day to night?  Or what products could a girl add to switch from one to another?

A nude eye that you wear during the day can transition well to a nighttime look if you add some black eyeliner. And, if you suffer from Allergy Face, I always recommend waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

5. Everyone loves a good nude lip shade, so what is your fave nude lip shade?

Mark's All Butter Now in Bare All 

6. What foundation would you recommend for oily skin types & which ones for normal to dry skin?

For oily skins I love to use powder foundations as they absorb the oil. For normal skin, I prefer a liquid foundation. For dry skin, I'd go for a cream foundation, which is more moisturizing.

7. Do you have any beauty tips or tricks?

Don't be afraid to experiment! Makeup is about feeling good, looking good and showing off your personality.

8. Last but not least what is your fave all time beauty product?

I never kiss and tell! Haha :)

Thank you so much! Please let us know where we can find you!

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pur minerals wine exfoliating mask by Editor in Chief

If you love a good exfoliating mask and you love wine then you will love this mask by Pur Minerals.  The Pur Minerals Wine exfoliating mask  is perfect for those days of pampering your skin.  It smells delicious  and helps even out your skin tone and fight anti aging.  Its made with real Bordeaux wine and Peach Stone seeds. It retails for $29.00 and you can get it from Pur Minerals website. 

I personally enjoy this product because of the smell but also because it is gentle with just the right amount of roughness needed. My skin doesn't feel irritated after use and  helps my cleanser work better.  This is great for 1x-3x a week.

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Here is some info  on this nice product. 

Pür's Wine Exfoliating Mask gently buffs away rough, dull skin with natural peach stones (seeds) as it fights signs of premature aging with red wine antioxidants from Bordeaux's finest vineyards. Watch lines, dark spots and uneven skin fade from sight as Farm to Jar™ ingredients work to reveal a visibly more youthful glow. Paraben-free. Gluten-free. Net Wt. 2.2oz/62g

via TheBeautyDaily

via TheBeautyDaily

Features & Benefits:

Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

  • Vitisin: an antioxidant from the roots of wine-producing grapes shown to brighten the look of dark spots
  • Resveratrox: an antioxidant with smoothing and firming benefits, taken from the skin, shoots and roots of the grape
  • Lactic Acid: a natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin for a visibly renewed radiance
  • Peach Stones (Seeds): natural exfoliating beads that manually buff away dead skin and debris