Jane Carter Solution Haircare

Hey yall!,

Its been awhile since I did some posting on some curly hair care, well don't worry, because I have alot to post about so get ready!

I have worked with JaneCarter Solutions before, and I have liked their products previously, so I was excited to work with them again. 

Today we are featuring Jane Carter Solution hair care, I was sent 3 products Listed below :

 Shampoo: I was very impressed and liked the shampoo, it cleans my hair very well, beautiful lather and I don't feel like my curls are stripped .  My hair feels & smells clean because of the lovely fragrance the shampoo has.  I usually use this shampoo as a pre wash, I wash my hair 2x in the shower to help get the initial product in my hair out.  This works well. 

Conditioner: I was less impressed with this one, I personally don't care for spray liquidy conditioners, I feel they just don't give me the moisture I need or want when it comes to my locks. I will say though this does make a nice refresher for your hair, but I wouldn't look for major moisture from this.  Just use as a light refresher & go. 

Nourishing Serum: This is my favorite product out of the threesome,  a little goes a long way and it smells divine, it provides some great moisture and I will use this in my hair as like a perfume and extra moisture at the end of my styling regime. 

Ending Thoughts: Although 2 out 3 products were good, I cant see myself buying any expect maybe the serum. The shampoo cleaned, but I have less expensive ones that do the same job. 

What are you thoughts? Leave them down below!


Mad Hippie & Emergin C Organics eyelight serum

Press Sample

As I lay in bed, after a shower and relaxing, I have this bright idea to write a post.  About what you may ask? About these  2 skincare products that I have been really enjoying using.  

I get to test a lot of skincare and yes it fun but there are few that I genuinely  like and that I really  consider  to buy after I run out. Also even though I see results with all the products  I use, very few have been doing some major changing to my skin.  



Mad Hippie is an all natural brand and the face serum is a vitamin c serum with also. 

The brand is natural, cruelty  free and and vegan whisk awsome.  It comes with a dropper and I use it night it day, about 2x a day. I have to say that not only has my face become more smooth , my dark spots have evened  out and I swear my face is clearer since using this stuff.  I've been really happy with my face!  It is a serum and honestly  it didn't give you enough moisture  to wear alone,  I highly  recommend  following  up with a nice sunscreen with good spf. I have 2 that I use in place of my face cream, that gives me enough moisture  and doesn't interfere  with makeup.  


It retails for about $20.00 bucks and can be bought online at MadHippie.com  or select  whole foods. 



The EmerginC Organics eyelight serum comes in a rollerblading form and I also use this along with my mad hippie  serum 2x a day. I simply roll underneath  my eyes. This product  helps to to prevent and lighten dark circles, I have noticed my under eye area is lighter and this help me look morw awake. I have been using less under eye concealer.  

This product retails for about $5, yes more expensive  but if it's really working for you then it's worth the buy.



Health: Hair,Skin & Nails Vitamins

Having strong and healthy hair, skin & nails is important.

If you think about it, those are the three main things that  we show off the most, so why not take care of it?

Natures Bounty sent me a bottle, of Hair,Skin & Nails Vitamins. Its full of the potent Biotin that is responsible for all three to be healthy. 

Per the company:

Being healthy is always beautiful. With Nature’s Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails formula with Argan Oil you’ll look good and feel great!* It contains just the right balance of nutrients to support lustrous hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin.* 

This innovative formula provides you with the vital nutrients and latest ingredients in beauty care to support your natural beauty from within.* High potency B Vitamins help with energy metabolism and Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair and promotes healthy nails by acting at the nail matrix, the base of the nail.* Vitamin E is an antioxidant that also contributes to skin health, and Vitamin C is involved in collagen production and formation, which forms the basis for vibrant skin.* Vitamin A assists with skin maintenance and overall health.* - Natures Bounty

I have been using these vitamins for a while now, and I would recommend that you eat a nice meal and drink plenty of water while you take these. 

I have noticed that my skin is clearer, and my hair doesn't shed as much either.  My nails also grow faster  and have become stronger. 

I would say that its a nice addition to add to your everyday vitamin regimen.  It retails for about $17.99 at local retailers and can be bought here

Tell me loves, have you bought  and used these kinds of vitamins before? How did they work for you?

Recipe: Crunchy Fruit Cereal

Its funny, when I was younger and growing up, we always had cereal in our house and its one of those food items you thought when you get your own place you would always have cereal in your house.  

Then you do grow up and you get your own place, and discover, you have not even half of those foods you grew up on in your house. 

That is how it is about cereal, we do have it times, but honestly im not big on cereal unless I have a craving for it. 

I "Invented" this cereal a while ago, because I wanted something healthy, easy, colorful and quick & different.  So I invented "Crunchy Fruit Cereal" and I fell in love. 

Check out the recipe below & let me know if you tried it!

Crunchy Fruit Cereal :

Serving Size : 1 bowl


  • Half a banana or whole ( depends on you)
  • 4-6 Fresh strawberries or Thawed 
  • Any other fruit you choose to add
  • Handful of Granola
  • 1 cup of Coconut or Almond Milk ( or milk of your choice)


- Slice half banana and strawberries & any other fruit you choose. The amount of fruit varies on you & your preference.

- Place sliced fruit & granola in bowl

- Add your choice of milk

- Stir & enjoy!

This recipe is easy and gives fruit a nice crunch, its like a parfait, without the yogurt. 

Remember this recipe is totally customizable  so customize away & enjoy loves!

Show me your crunchy fruit cereals pics tag @thebeautydly on Instagram,.

CoverGirl FullLash Bloom mascara

Hello loves!

So it is well known that I love me a good mascara, and a while ago I picked up some drug store goodies. 

The  Covergirl Full Lash Bloom  mascara that comes in that pretty pink tube. It retails for around $7.99 at your local store.  its supposed to make your lashes fuller and not stiff or brittle.

I have to say that I really like this mascara, it made my lashes long, and I didn't experience any stiffness, trust me i tried,  i would run my finger across them and happy to say that there was no flakage or anything of the sort. My lashes did feel soft and not feel like they were caked on with mascara.

I love that I can apply layers and layers and I don't have any clumps, it gives me some volume, actually  I cant even say that I really notice a difference with mascaras that give you volume, but I do love the length and the fact it gives my lashes a nice POW.

I would definitely recommend this mascara if your looking for a inexpensive option for your lashes.