Wild essence by Halle Berry by Editor in Chief

I love a good perfume,  one that I can wear everyday and not smell like a cheap perfume  shop I love.  I was sent this new perfume by Halle Berry's brand. I've read other reviews  that her fragrances are actually  pretty well liked and go over well.  So I was excited  to try out this one.


I have to say,  this scent is perfect for the winter.  This scent is heavier I would say with different layers including musk , it's not crazy strong and ears off to a lighter note that is perfectly  wearable.  It retails for about $27.99 at target. 


What do you all think?  

Cantu coconut curling cream by Editor in Chief

In the last few months I have found myself on the hunt for a new hair product. Which for me is not usual  since I am a blogger and most of the time I get so many hair products  in that for the last few years I haven't had the need to actually  go buy bath & body products  let alone hair products. 


I tried one other Cantu hair product  before and I absolutely  didn't like it even though many other curly girls liked it and it worked for them. But that is how it is, some products ts don't work for everyone.   

Yet there I was looking around in the hair product  section for something for my curly hair.  

I came across the Cantu coconut  curling cream,  which I have often heard many good things about. It retails for $4.99 which is very inexpensive and affordable.  



I used it on my hair after a wash and with some leave in and styled as usual. 

I have to say that it did pretty nice on on giving me definition  and didn't make my hair crunchy at all, it also provided some moisture as well.  

This can also be used daily, I used it several times to revive my curl in the front of my head like my hair line, you can also use with or without water. 


Is it worth it?  I would say it's most definitely  worth giving a shot if your looking for an inexpensive  curly hair product.   


What do you think?  

Everyday protection with Pur Minerals by Editor in Chief

My job had a health fair not too long ago and one of the things that they had was one of those sun damage x ray things where they put your face into ultraviolet light. I always wanted to see if I have any sun damage, I was a little nervous but I was excited. 

What did I see? Something pretty good! I actually have little to no sun damage.  A have a couple spots on my nose but they are super small . The lady asked if I use a sunscreen, I told her I do actually.  After seeing my results I am even more convinced that I will continue using sunscreen. 

I have been using Pur Minerals DD Cream, a daily sunscreen of 25 spf. I use this on most days as a moisturizer.  I like how it doesn't counteract with makeup and provides the sun protection I need.  Sun protection is important ladies, so lather it on 

It retials for $35.00 and be bought at Pur Minerals .com 

Wipe the Day away feat Korres makeup remover wipes by Editor in Chief

One of the first things I do when I get homeis get a makeup removing cloth and take off my makeup. As much as I love wearing my makeup, It feels so good to be able to wipe off the day. Its how I feel automatcilly relaxed. 

Korres Milk Protein Claesning wipes are have rich milk proteins that help soften skin and also does teh job of removing makeup.  These are great for on the go. 

They retail for $15 on korresusa.com .   About 30 wipes come in  a pack.  

What do you do when you come home to help you relax?


Neutrogena: Work Desk ESSENTIALS by Editor in Chief

The following products were sent to  The Beauty Daily for free in exchange for this posting. This posting is in conjunction with Neutrogena and Latina bloggers connect.

 Lets face it I need a good hand lotion, i type, shake hands, file papers , etc and I wash my hands many times a day so when I get the chance to try out a lotion that promises to really moisturize my hands I am all for it.

I already love the  Original Neutrogena Norwegian hand formula so I had high expectations for this one.  This quickly became a work desk  &  office favorite .

Over the past week  and a half the ladies in my office and I have been using this several times a day  and we love how it absorbs fast and moisturizes our hands and helps keep  our manicures looking like new. 


The pic above is my desk at work I have the hand cream ready to go whenever I need it!


There has been times when my hands have been so dry from filing folders and dealing with papers  yet when I use the Neutrogena Fast Absorbing lotion my hands go back to normal and looking fabulous  you would have never known that they were dry and horrible looking.


It a;so helps to relive the 7 signs of aging : Dryness, chapping, cracking,split nails,dry cuticles,scaliness and roughness .

My coworker who is sensitive to scents likes the lotion because its almost unscented and its not strong so she can use it as often as she likes and doesn't have to worry. 


What more can I say? Its now on my fave hand lotion list! I highly suggest you go and get you a bottle of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Lotion.